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Work Smarter Not Harder

To work smarter all you need is the consciousness of the present. This is possible only when you cast off your emotional bindings, this helps you relieve your prejudice. This is key to work smart. This combined with your "common-sense" completes the puzzle to work smart! I know it is hard to believe that these factors will help you work smart. Try for yourself, the next time you get angry over a shoddy work of your sub-ordinate.

Well, did it work out? Hope it did... if not just mail back, will share my 2 cents ;-)

Now you have started to orient yourself to work smart. Now you need to equip yourself to handle critical situations, which will be take the rest of my blog...

R u lost?
Well, this is the most critical problem. This means that you do not have a goal. You go along trails of the passing wind. "Any wave is good for a ship that does not know its destination" Take a break and fix this first!!! Set goals for your life, personal as well as professional. This will give you the drive to live your life. btw dont' get too serious with your goal, just enjoy life as it comes. [another coffee-toffee argument ;-) ]

R u busy?
Everybody has 24 Hrs, all you can do is prioritize and perform your duties. It is an balancing act, which comes out of experience.

R u managing?
R u delegating?
R u fixing problems or in a rote?
R u negotiating?

It is pretty late, need to head out to work. More to come in the subsequent posts...



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